We are the Antracite Collective, a group formed by two brothers, Sergio and Stefano Trenna, united by a fervent passion for role-playing games. This is not just a hobby for us, but a true commitment. We do not just play; we have used our creativity and dedication to conceive and write several games.

Our portfolio includes various works, each with its own specific character. “Gli Eroi della Capitale” is a role-playing game that blends history, myth, and current events, where seven heroes in Rome clash with the evil entity of Doctor Night, in an attempt to save the city. It draws inspiration from movies like “Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot” and the world of superhero comics, based on the “Lady Blackbird” game system.

Proiettili e Parolacce” (Bullets and Swear Words), on the other hand, is inspired by the film series from the ’70s and ’80s starring Tomas Milian and Bombolo, and it evokes the atmosphere of those times with a touch of irony and vulgarity, blending the tension of noir with the lively hues of Roman life from that period.

But our most famous work is undoubtedly “Dawn of Pripyat“. This role-playing game will take you to a dystopian world where the Soviet Union dominates the globe after the Chernobyl disaster, thanks to the discovery of a new material, eridite, whose contamination causes mutations. You will belong to the Rassvet, the revolutionary group fighting the government and the danger of eridite exploitation. This game is the first Italian role-playing game that uses the famous Year Zero Engine system.

The work behind these creations has been intense and engaging. We divided the tasks equally, working together not only in the writing phase but also in creating all the visual components of the games, from graphics to layout. We also took care of the web part, creating a site that could host and enhance our creations to the fullest. Every step was taken together, in a continuous exchange of ideas and a constant effort to realize our vision.

This is the Antracite Collective. Two brothers with a passion, many ideas, and the determination to turn them into reality. If you share our love for role-playing games, we hope you will enjoy our creations as much as we enjoyed writing and designing them.

We collaborate with Raffo’s Lab.

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